# How to create datasets

# What is a Dataset?

A Dataset is a set of audio files compressed into a .zip file used by RVC for voice training.

  1. First, we need to search for or download the audios of the person or character you want to create the model for
  1. Now we just need to separate the vocals from the instrumental.
  1. After separating our audios, we open Audacity to edit them and do the following:

Is a tool that helps reduce background noise in an audio recording, first select your audio and go to the effect section under the Steve Daulton option and select noise gate. Then set the following parameters

This tool is used to remove silences from our dataset, now go back to the effect section under the special option and select truncate silence. Then set the following parameters:

  1. Finally, we export our already processed audio and it’s ready for training.