# Sample Rate

Here you will learn how to see the sampling frequency of an audio.

# What is sample rate?

Basically, it’s the frequency that our audio can reach, which is measured in KHz. If you choose an incorrect sample rate to train a type of sound unrelated to the voice, it can result in a poor model.

  1. To do this, we need the program Spek. If you have Applio installed on your PC, you can check the audio analyzer section.

  2. Drag your dataset into the program, and you’ll get the following image and information:

    • Sample rate
    • Duration of the audio
    • Number of Samples
    • Bits per Samples
    • Channels (Mono or Stereo)

  1. Now that we’ve seen in the Spectrogram image that our audio has an audio frequency of 22050 KHz, we multiply it by two, and we would have our sample rate.