# Info

Common questions and information about RVC/Applio in general

Link: Training and Inference without WebUI

Share the pth file in the zips folder, not the one in logs. Do not copy large pth files; use the ckpt tab to extract a smaller model for sharing. Compress it into a zip and upload it to Drive or Hugging Face if you want to publish your model in Ai Hispano, go to the 📩publish-a-model section and execute the /model command and fill in the corresponding data of your model

# - How can I use the saved model in the middle of training?

select one of the .pth generated file in Applio/Logs/zips (you need to have the index previously generated for best results) or Save via model extraction at the bottom of the ckpt processing tab.

# - How can I continue training with more data?

Add data to a new path, process dataset, extract features, copy G and D files from the previous experiment, and continue training.