# Errors

Common general errors in RVC/Applio.

In the conda installation method, Applio is installed in a conda environment. This enviroment has all the dependencies needed to run RVC/Applio so you don't need to install anything else.

If there are issues automatically downloading Miniconda, download it manually and install it.

If Conda shows an error related to the "Wheels" dependency, check that Visual Studio Build Tools are installed. This requirement it should be installed semi automatically by the installer.

If an error related to Tensorboard occurs, it's likely that no dependencies were installed correctly. Review if you have the latest installer version.

Also, please check if you have done any of the following:

Did you install applio in a directory with spaces or non ASCII characters in the path?

If you did, please reinstall applio in a directory without spaces or non ASCII characters in the path. (For example your C: drive root)

Did you have the antivirus/firewall enabled during the installation?

If you did, please reinstall applio with the antivirus disabled.

Did you open the run-applio.bat file with administrator privileges?

If you did, please open it without administrator privileges.

Unfortunately, Google Colab is currently unavailable as Google has taken measures to restrict access to Colab services, including Applio. Thanks to our team, we have been able to bring Applio back. More information here.

Ensure paths are free of special characters.

Ensure the console (black command line window) is open.

Disable system LAN proxy/global proxy and refresh.

Adjust batch size for training; for inference, modify settings in config.py. Consider upgrading the GPU if needed.

Reduce "Number of CPU threads" or pre-cut training set to shorter audio files.

Install vc_redist.x64.exe for Windows.

Delete smaller-sized wav files, then click "train the model" and "train the index."

Avoid changing the sampling rate mid-training. If necessary, change the exp name and train from scratch or copy pitch and features folders to accelerate training.

Make sure to correctly set the path for your dataset before training. Remember that the dataset should not be in a zip file within the Applio/assets/datasets folder.

Make sure to use the same sample rate when retraining or when selecting a custom pretrain.

If all else fails, download the precompiled (Zip or Exe) version. This will bring everything ready to start applio without the need to perform the installation.